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    Cute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas From Your Closet

    Do you go to your closet and wonder what you are going to wear? Me too!! Instead of shopping for a last minute outfit, you can shop your closet. So I wanted to come up with 4 cute outfit ideas for the Thanksgiving. This post is inspire you to go into your closet to come up with a cute Thanksgiving outfit without spending a dime. As much as I love to shop, my goal is to also utilize the clothes in my closet to show versatility and unique outfit ideas. Plus we want to save money, right? So here are 4…

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    15 Thanksgiving Traditions Your Family Should Try This Year

    This year will be different for many people when celebrating the holidays. Some families can not gather due to not travelling or social distancing. But that does not mean it should boring and meaningless. Over the years, my family try to make the most of out holidays especially Thanksgiving. It is actually one of my top favorite holidays to celebrate. It involves the 3 F’s that I value in life: family, food, and football. But this is also a great time to adopt some new Thanksgiving traditions that your family should try this year. With 2020 being such a chaotic year,…

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    The Perfect Work Outfit for Fall

    Fall is my favorite season to dress for work in the office. When you think of the perfect work outfit for fall, you immediately think of a power suit, right? Well, I decided to wear a power jumpsuit. Okay, okay! I know there is no such thing but it should. I love wearing jumpsuits when I want to still want to look chic in the office without having to wear suit. The jumpsuit is a perfect work outfit for fall because it’s effortless, chic, and covers you up. I found this jumpsuit at Ross. Yes!! Ross!!! I normally do not shop…

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    Sleek Bun Tutorial (NO GEL!!)

    Happy Friday!!! To distract everyone from the election, here is a new video from my channel. I show how I was able to achieve a sleek bun using no gel. In my tutorial, I used Texture ID Styling Creme and I love this product. My bun was sleek without the hardness of gel and it was well moisturized. Here’s my sleek bun tutorial and enjoy the video. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel. Love y’all!!!

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    Bad Hair Movie Review

    On my channel, I give my thoughts on the movie, Bad Hair, a satire horror movie that was written and directed by Justin Simien, who is also the writer and director of Dear White People. I usually do not have any intentions on doing movie reviews on my channel. However, I had to give a review for this particular movie as it dives into the issue of self-acceptance of natural hair in the workplace. So here’s the Bad Hair Movie Review. Enjoy!!!

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    My Husband and I Want a Baby But I’m Scared

    I chose to write about something that is very personal. But I want to use my blog as a safe haven for me and you all who are reading my posts. Since June, my husband and I have been married for over 3 years. About a month ago, my husband and I finally decided we want to have a baby of our own. We originally agreed to wait a couple of years to enjoy married life. But once year number 3 came, the subject was discussed but I was scared. Then a couple of months later, a baby was on the…

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    My Signature Afro Tutorial

    Hello ladies and gentlemen!!! I’m so excited to add another venture into Hometown Girl n’ Curls. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…well not really! Lol! But it definitely required a great deal of learning with technology. And your girl is not tech savvy. Anywho, I now have my own YouTube channel!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Y’all, I’m so happy to go this route with my blogging and I can’t wait where God is going to take me. But have no fear, this blog will still be here. I’ll post my YouTube videos on my blog so y’all will have early access…

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    My Favorite Loungewear from Amazon Under $50

    When the pandemic began, like many of us, I had to work from home. I really enjoyed my time at work as I did not have to put on make up and leave the house. However, I realized I did not have any loungewear and found myself wearing pajamas. They were not a priority when I shop since I spent most of my time outside of my home. I did realize understand the importance of loungewear until you experience a pandemic. So I made it my mission to find more loungewear. Amazon is where I found a lot of affordable loungewear…

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    How To Still Wear this Popular Trend for the Fall

    Fall is here and as much as I love to dress in fall colors like brown, green, and pumpkin orange, I can never get away from my love of bright colors. Plus I’m a firm believer that you can wear bright colors during any time of the year. Tie dye has been a very popular trend through out spring and summer. However, I was not sold on this print until I recently saw several pieces. But how to still wear this popular trend for the fall? Easy peasy!! if you continue reading I’m going to show how to still wear this…

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    How to Transition a Summer Dress for Fall

    Fall is coming!!! Who’s super excited?? This girl!!! Fall is literally my favorite season. Fall home decor, pumpkin scented everything, and football season!! But I especially love to dress for this season. It’s time slowly transition fall clothing like sweaters, blazers, and boots. One thing I love to do is styling my pieces in different ways. Versatility is a must whenever I buy an article of clothing. I especially love transition a summer dress for Fall. Yalana, how can I transition a summer dress for fall? Good question. In my opinion, you can wear any summer dress. Floral, slip dress, and…