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    Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her and Him

    We are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day. I know you’re thinking, “I spent so much money for my loved one for Christmas!!” Well have no fear! I came bearing an affordable gift guide that won’t break the bank but are still very thoughtful. Hubby and I do not go all out on Valentine’s Day but we still celebrate it because it’s fun to eat heart shaped pancakes and cookies. Plus pink is my favorite color so that always gives me an excuse to wear the Valentine’s themed color. Anywho, I love gifts but I also like to budget…

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    How and Why I Stopped Applying Heat to My Hair for a Year

    Confession time!! I posted the picture below on Instagram several months ago (March) to advertise SheaMoisture’s newest products. I received many compliments on my hair. But in reality, I experienced heat damage. A month prior to this shoot, I had a silk press. It usually lasts a couple of weeks, but I tried to maintain it for a month. EPIC FAIL!! I attempted to preserve it by continuously applying heat to my hair. Not a good idea!! I applied a flat iron after vigorous workouts and experiencing Georgia humidity. After 3 weeks, I was over it and finally washed my hair…

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    Winter Wash Day Routine/Product Review

    Hey coilfriends and Happy New Year!!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a YouTube video but I’m back!! I took a break but look for more videos in the future. Consistency is key, right? Anywho, today’s video is a wash day routine for winter using Uniqurl’s Wash Day Bundle. During cooler weather, my high porosity hair is usually on the drier side so I’m usually in need of products that will add extra moisture. I will show how I shampoo my hair and will give me final thoughts on Uniqurl’s shampoo and deep conditioner. Enjoy!! And don’t forget to like,…

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    2020: What I’m Taking, Leaving, and The Future of 2021

    The end of the year is almost here, and I’m still trying to figure out where the time went. This is normally the time when people think about their New Year’s resolutions. But they are overrated!! By the end of January, you’re back at square one, and those resolutions go right down the drain. Well, at least that’s my case. Lol!! So, as I approach a new year with a new blog, I’ve decided to do some self-reflection. I will look back at how I spent the year; the good, the bad, and the quarantining. Then, expound on the things from…

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    The Best New Year’s Eve Outfit Ever!!

    I’ve had so much fun sharing posts on my blog on different ways to wear sequins. Doing this kind of content has really brought me into the Christmas spirit more than ever. If this is your first time visiting my blog, here and here are my previous posts on how I styled a sequin dress and skirt. Last, but certainly not least, is my demonstration on how I style a pair of sequin pants. This is the best New Year’s Eve outfit ever!!! I know you’re wondering, how is this possibly the best New Year’s Eve outfit ever? The sequin pants…

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    My Favorite Holiday Playlist

    Christmas season is finally here!!! Who’s excited about this most wonderful time of the year? This girl! One of the things that gets me in the spirit is the music. I’m a HUGE music lover, so I had to share my favorite holiday playlist. Can you believe that I used to LOATHE Christmas music?? It’s true!!! I used to change the radio station if I heard any song about the holidays. Hey! Even the Grinch changed his ways, right? Anywho, I have a couple of songs that will never get old and some newbies that you may want to add to…

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    How to Style a Sequin Skirt

    Sequins is one of my favorite fabrics to wear during the Christmas season. If you are a new subscriber to my blog, click here to see the perfect little black dress a plus size blogger and I wore for the holidays. I had so much fun creating content featuring sequins that I decided to post a couple more options for the month. This time, I will demonstrate how to style a sequin skirt by dressing it down. Selected was this sequin skirt from H&M paired with an oversized hoodie. Well, it’s not actually oversized, but I bought it in a size…

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    The Little Black Dress for The Holidays

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go!! Happy Hump Day!!! Christmas will look a little different withCovid-19 still in affect. Even though I’m a firm believer being careful and following precautions to ensure everyone’s safety, it does not mean we cannot live. With that being said, December is here and it’s officially time to start picking out looks for the holiday events. The little black dress is a go to staple for women to wear for the holidays. However, sequins add more glam to any look. It is also one of my favorite fabrics to wear during Christmas…

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    Holiday Gift Guide: Black Owned Businesses

    Christmas season is here. Man!! Where did the year go?? Anywho, I love Christmas. Celebrating the life of Jesus is the most important reason for this season. In the midst of that, one of my favorite things about the holiday is the gifts. Am I right? Well, I am providing a holiday gift guide of black owned businesses to shop this year. If you’ve read my blog, then you know that I love to put a lot of focus on black owned businesses. If you are a new subscriber, here and here are my blog posts on affordable black owned clothing…

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    How to: Flat Twist Out Tutorial

    Happy Wednesday!!!! I hope you’ve had a great week so far. So I’ve decided to start posting new posts on Wednesdays to be more productive and organized. So be on the lookout for my posts, especially for the holiday season. I’m here with a new video on my channel. I will show how to do a flat twist out using Salon KLS Kollection’s Hair and Scalp Buttercream and Moisturizer. Enjoy the video. And don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Love y’all!!!