Yalana Allen Featured on The Happy Joy Podcast

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I do not have a blog post today but I have something better in store. Yours truly, Yalana Allen is featured on episode 2 of The Happy Joy Podcast!!! This was my first time being on a podcast and I was nervous yet excited. I talk about my journey to blogging as well as my testimony of forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration in my family. I had so much fun sharing my story with her listeners and most importantly, YOU.

Yalana Allen Featured on The Happy Joy Podcast

The Happy Joy started several years ago but it is back by popular demand in January of 2021. It brings together a collective of positive, like-minded women who are on the pursuit of daily happiness and joy. Host, Johnae De Felicis and other women, like myself, share the keys and tips to a happy, healthy, and wholesome mindset. I had fun talking about the importance of having confidence when having natural hair to giving my testimony on how I forgave my father and repaired our relationship. I hope this gives you insight on why I started my blogging journey.

Just to give you a background, Johnae De Felicis is a writer, speaker, wellpreneur, self-care expert, and stress and mindset coach. She helps busy women stress less by getting organized and prioritizing self-care as a daily practice. She is also an influencer and content creator that promotes health, wellness, and beauty. Johnae has a blog, Just Johnae, that you can read here. As I previously mentioned, she started The Happy Joy podcast several years ago but had to put it in the back burner due to the stresses of working in the corporate office. But now she is full time and her podcast is back and here to stay!

I love giving fun facts, so here are some about her. She graduated from high school at age 16 and received her Bachelor’s degree at 20. I SEE YOU SIS!! Johnae also sings and creates music at her spare time. She enjoys traveling with her husband, cooking, and my favorite, thrifting. You catch an episode of her podcast every Wednesday and follow her on Instagram as JustJohnae. She has a very calming and positive spirit that is inviting.

Without further ado, here is the episode of The Happy Joy featuring yours truly: Be blessed and love y’all!!


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