What I’m Watching and My Favorite PJs…So Far

Pajama Set – Target

The pandemic has given me more time to watch TV whether it’s binge watching an old show or checking out the movie you weren’t able to watch at the movies. Here is my list that my husband and I have seen so far.


24 – Apparently my husband was living under a rock when this show was on TV. I have to admit, I didn’t understand the hype until I watched an episode with my family. Needless to say, my husband was hooked and happened to finish this show within a short period of time. Plus if I’m in danger, I’m counting on Jack Bauer to save the day.

Classic Football – Fun fact about me is that I’m a huge sports fan, particularly football. It’s been really fun watching classic football games with Rob to see how the game has changed and talk memories. Hopefully, we won’t have to resort to watching these games if the pandemic isn’t over.

Insecure – I’m really surprised to find that a handful of my friends watch this show!! I pretty much love everything Issa Rae does, even her web series before she became popular. After a hiatus, the new season just started and it’s getting juicy!! What’s going on with Molly and Issa? Will Lawrence and Issa get back together? Oh boy!!

The Last Dance – As sports fans, Rob and I had to watch once we heard a documentary about the 90s Chicago Bulls was coming out. We learned some things about the team that blew our minds like Scottie Pippen’s salary being ranked 122nd in the NBA or how Phil Jackson was treated near the end of his coaching career with the Bulls. It’s only been 4 episodes and I can’t wait to see more.

Disney +

High School Musical The Musical The Series – I was a little hesitant to watch the show because I’m a huge High School Musical fan. I’m glad I gave it a chance because I’ve seen the entire series twice. I feel in love with Ricky and his voice instantly. But my favorite character was Kourtney with her love of fashion, big hair, and even bigger voice.

Proud Family – Rob didn’t know about this show either but he loves it (at least in my mind he does lol). A black mother as a veterinarian was everything to me! And I completely forgot about the heavy hitters they had on the show like Steve Harvey and Vanessa Williams, for example.


Uncorked – A movie about a black man that wants to be sommelier (wine steward) while feeling the pressure from his father to continue the legacy of taking over their barbecue joint. Hmmm…that’s different! Something about this movie caught my eye and it was a random pick for us. The dynamics between Niecy Nash and Courtney B. Vance was on point. If you enjoy dry humor, this is the movie for you.

Coffee and Kareem – Another random pick for us and when I saw Taraji P. Henson and Ed Helms (Andy from The Office), I had to check it out. Ed Helms’ character, who’s a cop and Taraji’s character’s son are going along for a crazy adventure and boy is it a crazy one! The foul language is more than I desire but I thought it was hilarious.

Too Hot to Handle – I love reality TV about people finding love and was in search of another show since Love Is Blind. Then comes Too Hot to Handle. A bunch of singles are on an island looking for random hook ups but the joke’s on them. They have to abstain from any sexual activity (even kissing) with the hopes of winning $100,000. This forces them to make a deeper connection plus the workshops gives them the chance to evaluate themselves from within and I loved it!!

By the way, I’ve been living in pajamas during the pandemic and these are my favorite…so far. I love polka dots and white looks great on my dark skin. I’ll be getting another set or 2. Lol!! So what have you watched so far? I’m always looking for recommendations. Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


  • Sara Gadson

    Love the pjs boo!! The show Im currently hooked on is Emily Dickinson. It’s on Apple+. I love movies based on real people and their life. If you like something like that, check it out 😘

      • Debbie Rashton

        I enjoy watching movies and shows on Pure Flix. One of my favorites is “The Book of Esther “. I’ve enjoyed “The Best of Enemies ” and “Green Book”. So, I’m old school. I binge on “Little House on the Prairie ” and “Rifle Man “. Don’t judge me!

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