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Trauma to Triumph: My Parents Got Remarried

Hey you guys!!!! Happy Hump Day!!! We are 1 video away to completing my testimony series and I want to thank you all for joining me on this journey so far. After sharing the trials and tribulations that my family and I faced, I am finally sharing the great part of my story. When I tell you it was nothing but God that made this happen. If you haven’t seen the last video, here’s the link. But if you watched my last videos and read this title, I know what you are wondering. What? When? How?? Well, you will have to click on the video below to find out. I will also apply my nighttime skincare routine for my oily combination skin. The links to the products are in the description box. But here’s the new video: Trauma to Triumph: My Parents Got Remarried. Enjoy!!!

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