Trauma to Triumph: We Were Taken (Part 2)

I hope you guys enjoyed the Mother’s Day weekend. It was quite eventful for me. Well as promised I have a new video for you guys. Look at your girl being consistent!! For some of you who are new, I am sharing my testimony as I get unready. I got inspiration from the Church Face series at my church as I take my “church face” off and share something very personal from my life. If you have not seen part one yet, here is the link. I was also told that my skin looks great and was asked about my skincare products. So I will provide my skincare products in the Description box. They contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission if you purchase. Also, sharing is caring!!! So please feel free to share my video(s) to others who may need to hear some inspiration. I’m not going to bore you guys any longer, so here is my video: Story Time: We Were Taken (Part 2). Enjoy!!


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