The Happiest Color to Boost Your Spirits

DressShein, Plus Size Version Sandals – JustFab, Tassel Earrings – Target

The color, yellow has appeared everywhere in 2020. It’s the IT color for the summer. I personally love the color because it lifts my mood as soon as I wear it. It’s literally the happiest color to boost your spirits!!! With people still being stuck in their homes and the protests are taking place, it’s so easy to find yourself in a funk. One way that I like to lift my spirits is through fashion and color plays a huge part. With so many colors in the spectrum, yellow stands out the most. So why is yellow considered the happiest color to boost your spirits? Good question…

It’s bright, fun, and bold. The color is also eye catching that grabs people’s attention amongst distractions. You may noticed that most fast food restaurants use the color on their logos or decor. It usually represents happiness and friendliness. See that word again? Happy!! You probably also associate the color, yellow to the sun. When it’s sunny, you’re instantly in a better mood. You’re more prone to go outdoors and enjoying the ray of sunshine versus the rainy, gloomy weather, where most people tend to stay inside and feel low-spirited. After doing some research, I found the color symbolizes the following:

  • Cheerful – That’s exactly how I feel when I wear this color. It puts you in a better space where you can cheer yourself up and encourage others. For example, I can feel so tired in the cold office. When I leave work and the sun hits my face, I’m instantly in a peppy mood.
  • Warmth – When I think of warmth, I think of comfort. Though my comfort mostly comes from God, it does not hurt to add a little more warmth in my life or my wardrobe.
  • Hope – This is most important to me because in a world that’s filled with division, sickness, and hate, I still have hope. Hope in God that we’re going to progress and come together as a whole. I have hope that healing will take place.

After giving the reasons of yellow being the happiest color, aren’t you convinced? I knew you would!! Yellow is also the perfect color to transition into fall. Who says yellow is a spring or summer color?? Did I mention yellow is universal as it looks great on everyone. From pastel to golden yellow. I prefer the later as it looks great on my dark skin that instantly gives me that glowing look. Speaking of golden yellow, isn’t this dress everything?? It is available in the links above. As a special treat, I also provided my favorite items that are in the color, yellow. And they’re under $40!!!! You know they had to be affordable so you’re welcome boo! 😉

Mask – Banana Republic Factory, Paris Graphic Tee – H&M, Peanuts Graphic Sweatshirt – Target, Puff Sleeve Top – Emmalyn Love, Crinkle Dress – H&M, Open Toed Mules – Shein, Tassel Earrings – Target, Headband – Old Navy

So what’s your favorite color to lift your spirits? Let me know in the comments. I also have something in store for you guys so stay tuned. Until we meet again, God bless and be safe!!!

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