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    Flat Twists Hairstyle Tutorial

    Hey ladies!! I am back with a new natural hairstyle tutorial! As you all know, I love to wear my hair in twists. They’re easy to achieve, are versatile, and they allow me to take a break from my hair. Plus being a mom of 2 under 2, I do not have a lot of time to regularly style my hair. One of my last tutorials for twists is here. This time, I decided to do a flat twist version of Fulani braids. Your girl is on the struggle bus with cornrowing hair so flat twists is my go to for…

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    Christmas Outfit Ideas: Maternity Edition

    Christmas has become my favorite holiday as of lately. This year happens to be a very busy time for me to celebrate. From holiday parties to celebrating the Christmas season with family, I have to figure what to wear. It’s certainly not easy going into your third trimester. Well have no fear, I’m here to give you inspiration. I have come up with seven outfit ideas for the Christmas holiday that is perfect for future mothers to be. A lot of the pieces came from my closet (and my husband’s lol). I also bought a few pieces that are chic, comfortable,…

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    We’re Pregnant!!!

    Hey loves!!! I know I’ve been MIA from everyone from the blog to social media. But as you can see, I have a perfect explanation. We’re pregnant!!! We are so excited and overjoyed to finally start a family!! As some of you may know, we decided to try to have a baby October of last year. In a previous blog post, I was very transparent with my desire of starting our next journey but also talked about some of my worries with becoming pregnant. Lord and behold, we are having a baby early next year and typing about it still brings…

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    Trauma to Triumph: My Parents Got Remarried

    Hey you guys!!!! Happy Hump Day!!! We are 1 video away to completing my testimony series and I want to thank you all for joining me on this journey so far. After sharing the trials and tribulations that my family and I faced, I am finally sharing the great part of my story. When I tell you it was nothing but God that made this happen. If you haven’t seen the last video, here’s the link. But if you watched my last videos and read this title, I know what you are wondering. What? When? How?? Well, you will have to…

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    Story Time: My Dad Fathered Another Child (Part One)

    Happy Monday!!! It’s officially been 1 year since I’ve started blogging!!! I cannot believe time has passed so fastly but time flies when you’re having fun. And I’ve had so much fun giving content on what I have a passion about. So to celebrate my 1 year as a blogger, I will do something different. I will share my testimony about my family, which is also the reason I decided to blog. My testimony will be cut into several parts because it’s really long. I don’t want you to miss any of it. But it will also bless you and I…

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    Hair Wash Day After Protective Style

    I know you’re thinking. What happened to your YouTube video that you promised, sis? See, what had happened was…I originally recorded a video installing a braidless crochet hairstyle. However, I thought the quality was not up to par. I am a perfectionist and do not like to present content that is mediocre or worse. I’d rather not post a video than provide my audience with something that they cannot take away from. I value y’all and want to give you the best whether it’s a sponsored video or filming my shopping trips. But don’t worry!!! I am back with a new…

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    How To: Apply Aphogee Protein Treatment

    Happy Wednesday!!! I FINALLY have a YouTube video for y’all!!! I know it’s been a while but I promise I will be consistent-ish. Lol!!! People told me they love hearing my voice so I’m giving the people what they want. Plus I love creating videos about natural hair. You can read blog posts about it but I know that some of y’all learn better through demonstration. As mentioned in this blog post, I’m currently doing a no heat for a year challenge that started in April 2020. One of the most important routines for stronger hair is to apply a protein…

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    Winter Wash Day Routine/Product Review

    Hey coilfriends and Happy New Year!!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a YouTube video but I’m back!! I took a break but look for more videos in the future. Consistency is key, right? Anywho, today’s video is a wash day routine for winter using Uniqurl’s Wash Day Bundle. During cooler weather, my high porosity hair is usually on the drier side so I’m usually in need of products that will add extra moisture. I will show how I shampoo my hair and will give me final thoughts on Uniqurl’s shampoo and deep conditioner. Enjoy!! And don’t forget to like,…

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    How to: Flat Twist Out Tutorial

    Happy Wednesday!!!! I hope you’ve had a great week so far. So I’ve decided to start posting new posts on Wednesdays to be more productive and organized. So be on the lookout for my posts, especially for the holiday season. I’m here with a new video on my channel. I will show how to do a flat twist out using Salon KLS Kollection’s Hair and Scalp Buttercream and Moisturizer. Enjoy the video. And don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Love y’all!!!

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    Sleek Bun Tutorial (NO GEL!!)

    Happy Friday!!! To distract everyone from the election, here is a new video from my channel. I show how I was able to achieve a sleek bun using no gel. In my tutorial, I used Texture ID Styling Creme and I love this product. My bun was sleek without the hardness of gel and it was well moisturized. Here’s my sleek bun tutorial and enjoy the video. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel. Love y’all!!!