My Signature Afro Tutorial

Hello ladies and gentlemen!!! I’m so excited to add another venture into Hometown Girl n’ Curls. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears…well not really! Lol! But it definitely required a great deal of learning with technology. And your girl is not tech savvy. Anywho, I now have my own YouTube channel!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Y’all, I’m so happy to go this route with my blogging and I can’t wait where God is going to take me. But have no fear, this blog will still be here. I’ll post my YouTube videos on my blog so y’all will have early access to my content. However, you can still subscribe to my channel.

You will watch the things I’m passionate about…fashion, natural hair, family, and my faith. For example, you will watch stories and testimonies, tutorials, fashion hauls, and thrift with me videos. I’m sharing stories on my faith, trials in my family that we were able to overcome, and natural hair (some good and bad). You will also see videos on my faith that will consist of prayers, heart to heart conversations, and things I’ve learned as a Christian. I decided to have my first video be my signature afro tutorial. I get many compliments on social media and in public on my hair. I’ve also gotten questions so I had to give y’all what you wanted. Without further a due, here’s my first video, my signature afro tutorial. Enjoy and love yall!!!

Thank you for watching my very first video. This will be quite a journey and I’m glad you will come along with me. Also, since y’all have been riding with me for a few months, I would love your input. Let me know in the comments what kind of content you would love to see from me. I’m open to your suggestions since I’m serving you. Until we meet again,

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