My Favorite Loungewear from Amazon Under $50

Loungewear Set, Adidas, Leather Jacket

When the pandemic began, like many of us, I had to work from home. I really enjoyed my time at work as I did not have to put on make up and leave the house. However, I realized I did not have any loungewear and found myself wearing pajamas. They were not a priority when I shop since I spent most of my time outside of my home. I did realize understand the importance of loungewear until you experience a pandemic. So I made it my mission to find more loungewear. Amazon is where I found a lot of affordable loungewear like this matching set. This is my favorite loungewear from Amazon and it was under $50!! Yeah, you read that right!! Under $50 for the set, not each! Lol!

This set is available in different colors like grey and black. However, I love the pistachio green color. Y’all know I love color! It feels super comfy and soft. I bought the set in a medium which was perfect since I was going for a relaxed fit. I can easily wear this at home when I’m relaxing or when guests come over. But I can also run errands and look effortlessly chic. Another thing I love about the matching set is the versatility. Y’all know I love versatility in my clothes and I can’t wait to wear them separately. For example, I would pair the pants with a white tee and a cardigan or a denim jacket.

With Amazon Prime Day (October 13 – 14) coming, I’m providing several of my favorite loungewear under $50. For some of you who do not know what Amazon Prime Day is, it’s a time when you can get huge discounts on things like fashion, electronics, home and kitchen and more. However, you must be a Prime member in order to participate. If you want to become a Prime member, click here. Don’t worry about the commitment since Amazon has a free 30 day trial.

In this post, I’ve provided several of my favorite loungewear to find on Amazon. I plan of purchasing some of the items since I’m trying to have a nice collection. For instance, I am obsessed with the puff sleeved cardigan. Happy Shopping and you’re welcome!! Lol!

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Puff Sleeve Sweater, Cardigan, Long Sleeve Jumpsuit, Dress w/Wrap, Short Sleeve Jumpsuit, Maxi Dress

So let me hear your thoughts. Have you decided to add loungewear into your wardrobe? Do you plan on shopping for Amazon Prime Day? Let me know in the comments. Until we meet again, y’all come back now, ya here! Love y’all!!


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