Maintaining Natural Hair in Miami Vacation

Hey ladies and gents!! Your girl has been busy at work trying to give yall consistent content. I mentioned before that I had Marley twists installed a week before my anniversary vacation. But unfortunately, I had to take them out because they were too heavy. So I took this as an opportunity to provide content on how I was maintain my natural hair in my Miami vacation. Yes, y’all!! I wore my natural hair in the hot, humidity weather in Miami. This involved various ways and hacks to care for my hair with low maintenance so I could still enjoy my vacation without having to use so much time and energy in your hair. I saw some videos on YouTube on how to style natural hair while on vacation but some of them tried to avoid getting in the water. For me, I LOVE to be in the water so this will be different. I know you’re wondering. What kind of hairstyles did I wear? What products did I use? Would I do it again? Well you will only find out through my video. So here’s the video on my channel on how to maintaining natural hair in Miami vacation. Enjoy!!!

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