How to Transition a Summer Dress for Fall

Fall is coming!!! Who’s super excited?? This girl!!! Fall is literally my favorite season. Fall home decor, pumpkin scented everything, and football season!! But I especially love to dress for this season. It’s time slowly transition fall clothing like sweaters, blazers, and boots. One thing I love to do is styling my pieces in different ways. Versatility is a must whenever I buy an article of clothing. I especially love transition a summer dress for Fall. Yalana, how can I transition a summer dress for fall? Good question.

In my opinion, you can wear any summer dress. Floral, slip dress, and baby doll dresses. But for this post, I’m using a linen dress is a great example. The linen dress is not just for summer anymore, yall! No one follows the no white after Labor Day rule anymore. If you do, then you need to get with the program boo. Plus white is a color that’s trending. I’m here to show you how to style the summer dress for fall in 3 simple ways.

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Shirt dress – Here; Jeans – Here
  • Wear It Over Your Jeans – This is so 1990’s and I love it!! Plus I’m a 90’s kid! Hahaha! When watching an episode of Sister, Sister (streaming on Netflix) I saw Tamera wearing her dress over jeans. I was immediately inspired. This look is for those who still experiences warmer weather in the Fall. For those living in cooler weather, you could also pair this look with a denim jacket. But I chose to wear this without an extra layer because it’s still warm in Georgia. And it was hot as crap! Hahaha!
BlazerHere, Here, Here, Plus Size; Sneakers – Here, Here
  • Add a Blazer and a Pair of Sneakers – I had to pair this dress with two of my favorite items. But you can easily wear this to work if you replace the sneakers with heels. But I like to have fun with my looks and sneakers are super comfy. Plus my office is pretty casual so I could get away with wearing this. I also unbuttoned a few of the buttons on this dress to add a little va-va-voom since I’m mostly covered. Isn’t this look casually chic!
Leather Jacket – Here, Here, Plus Size; Booties – Here
  • Leather Jacket and Booties – This look was actually my personal favorite. The mix of femininity and edge is a combination I want to try on a regular basis. Plus who doesn’t love a leather jacket? This is a perfect day date look or brunch with the girlfriends (while social distancing). I plan on wearing this look again because it’s that cute. This weekend may be the perfect time.

You can also wear transition this dress in other ways like wearing an oversized sweater over the dress with boots. Or you can wear a long sleeve top under the dress. The options are endless!! How would you transition a summer dress for the upcoming season?


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