How to Style a Sequin Skirt

Shop My Look: Hoodie – H&M
Sequin Skirt – H&M
Combat Boots – Target; Urban Outfitters
Christmas Striped Socks – Old Navy; Target

Sequins is one of my favorite fabrics to wear during the Christmas season. If you are a new subscriber to my blog, click here to see the perfect little black dress a plus size blogger and I wore for the holidays. I had so much fun creating content featuring sequins that I decided to post a couple more options for the month. This time, I will demonstrate how to style a sequin skirt by dressing it down. Selected was this sequin skirt from H&M paired with an oversized hoodie. Well, it’s not actually oversized, but I bought it in a size large to give that illusion. In need of more loungewear and being a sucker for hoodies, this is what I came up with.

When I saw the Mickey Mouse hoodie also from H&M, I was obsessed! I do not own any Disney clothing items, maybe a Minnie Mouse tee. LOL!! But it’s super cute and perfect for those days when I’m relaxing at home in some leggings and my comfy socks. I then tucked the hoodie into my skirt to add a splash of color.

The look was finished off with some combat boots that were purchased from JustFab. Combat boots are so popular! So thank God, I usually keep most of my clothes and accessories that could possibly make a comeback. The boots are old, but I will leave a link for similar pairs. This look is my personal favorite so far, because it gives street style vibes. I am a huge fan, plus this look is so fun; yet comfortable.

I came up with the remaining look randomly. While putting on my combat boots, I decided to wear my red striped Christmas socks. It was totally different from what I envisioned, but it worked and looked better. My hubby saw it and absolutely loved it! I know this look may not appeal to a lot of people, but I created this blog as a creative outlet to express myself in ways that I normally don’t and to inspire others to do so as well. So, join me by stepping outside your comfort zone for the love of fashion. It’s fun over here!!

Just trying to make sure I’m on Santa’s nice list lol

So I always like to hear from my readers, so my question for y’all is “What is your favorite print or fabric to wear during the holidays?” Let me know in the comments. Until we meet again, love yall and be blessed.


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