How To Still Wear this Popular Trend for the Fall

Blazer; Blazer; Blazer; Clutch; Sunglasses
Fall is here and as much as I love to dress in fall colors like brown, green, and pumpkin orange, I can never get away from my love of bright colors. Plus I’m a firm believer that you can wear bright colors during any time of the year. Tie dye has been a very popular trend through out spring and summer. However, I was not sold on this print until I recently saw several pieces. But how to still wear this popular trend for the fall? Easy peasy!! if you continue reading I’m going to show how to still wear this popular trend for fall.
  1. Wear a blazer – First off, I love blazers so much that I have an entire section in my closet dedicated to them. I’d never thought of wearing the tie dye trend in the form of a blazer and I’m here for it. I found this blazer here and it’s a black owned business so I had to get it. Y’all, if you don’t buy her blazer, please check out her collection. Her clothes are perfect for women with curves as she is a curvy woman too. I actually mentioned her business here. I decided to buy a large because I love oversized blazers and wanted to make room for my long sleeve shirts and sweaters underneath. If the blazer is not available, I got y’all!! Just check out the links in the caption shown above.
  2. Wear it in Neutral Colors – If you’re not a fan of bright colors in Fall, you can still wear this trend in neutral colors like tan, gray, and navy blue (it’s neutral color in my opinion). Neutral colors are currently trending for fall. So you can wear neutral colors in a fun print like tie dye. I especially saw some beautiful pieces in tan that I’m looking to purchase.
  3. Accessorize!! – This is for those who do not want to commit to wearing a piece of clothing. Tie dye accessories are perfect for an outfit that’s in need of a pop of color. For example, you can wear a tie dye scarf with a trench coat, white tee, and sneakers. Or you can pair a scarf with a dress and boots. Or you can accessorize tie dye by wearing facemasks. Covid-19 is still around so why not wear a stylish facemask that can match your scarf or your outfit. Another way is to wear headbands which are also trending. I especially love this headwrap.
  4. Wear the Print in Loungewear – With Covid-19 still in effect, loungewear is made its way into our closets. I’ve noticed loungewear mostly in colors grey, tan, and black. But why not wear it in tie dye! You’re able to be comfy but still have fun with the addition of colors. You can wear pajamas, sweatshirt, matching sets. The options are endless!! This set is currently in my shopping cart. The matching set is also available in neutral colors.
I also provided a list of my favorite tie dye items for under $50. Thank me later!
1. Facemasks; 2. Sweatshirt; 3. Matching Joggers; 4. Hoodie; 5. Scarf; 6. Joggers

Now I know you’re wondering, why am I wearing this fabulous blazer with a pair of flip flops. Funny story…hubby and I attended church service (while social distancing) earlier that day. My pastor preached about loving Jesus’ way when he challenged us to take the shoes off of our feet and donate them. But it was for a great cause! For example, our shoes would go to those who are in need such as victims of sex trafficking that live in the safe house provided by my church. Yall, the shoes went perfectly with my outfit but I couldn’t say no. The worse case scenario would be that I would have to buy another pair but at least I’m blessed to be able buy more. Plus I would love for a deserving woman to wear my shoes in style. 🙂 So hubby and I, along with many others, donated our shoes.

Instead of cancelling the shoot, I decided to take photos with the flip flops that my church provided to challenge you all. My church is still accepting shoes for donations so if you live in the Atlanta area, here’s the address: Victory Church,  5905 Brook Hollow Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30071 You can also give your shoes to non-profit organizations that are always looking for donations. Rather than give away your old shoes that you don’t wear anymore, donate the fabulous pair of shoes that you love that can easily be replaced. A woman or man that is in need of footwear would greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Here are a list of non-profit organizations:

Until we meet again, be blessed and stay safe. Love y’all!!


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