How to Look Chic In Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching this month. I don’t normally celebrate the holiday but I love to participate in dressing the part. Plus I love the color green!! Okay, okay!! I love colors but green gives my melanin skin a special glow. So I decided to show ways on how to look chic in green for St. Patrick’s Day. You will not see leprechauns or four leaf clovers in any of these looks. I just think it can look borderline cheesy. Instead, you will see how to look chic in several shades of green from subtlety to bright and vibrant to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

How to Look Chic in Green for St. Patrick’s Day

1. Sage Tie Dye Set

Tie Dye Sweatshirt – Wal-Mart; Slip Skirt – Wal-Mart; White Booties – Amazon; Sunnies – old, Similar

I love this look!!! I saw this sage green tie dye sweatshirt at Wal-Mart and added it into my cart immediately. Yep, I’m officially on the tie dye bandwagon. Plus it looks like the trend is not going away. Then I saw a slip skirt that matched the sweatshirt. I had to purchase it too. BAM!!! You have yourself a matching set! The sweatshirt is lightweight but still warm enough for those cooler mornings.

The only downside is the sweatshirt’s collar did not stretch as I would like. Between my big head and even bigger hair, it was a little challenging to put on. However, once I finally put the sweatshirt on, I fell in love with it all over again. Good news is this outfit is available for the two day delivery service with Wal-Mart. I paired the skirt set with white booties from Amazon. I’ve always wanted a pair so when I saw them, I was in love. Plus they cost under $50 and available for Amazon Prime!!! That’s my favorite price. And it’s perfect for those who are celebrating over lunch or some drinks. Plus it is the perfect look to transition into spring.

2. Pistachio Loungewear Set

Loungewear Set – Amazon; Sneakers – Adidas; Backpack Purse – Amazon

I had to include a loungewear set because everyone’s still not comfortable going out. So I went into my closet and found my pistachio green loungewear set. Perfect!! I actually bought this set back in the fall and wore it for this blog post. This time I chose to wear it with a striped t-shirt from H&M. I also wanted to show how to wear the set for a Spring day by wearing the sweatshirt around my shoulders.

Wearing the sweatshirt around my shoulders reminded me of Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fun fact: I secretly loved his style and wanted to dress my future son just like him. I love a preppy look especially on men. Anywho, I finished this look with minimal gold jewelry and Adidas. This look is perfect to lounge around in (of course) or run errands. You don’t want to go to the grocery store and a random person pinches you. Lol!!

3. Vibrant Green in the Workplace

Floral Sundress – Old Navy; Similar; Similar
White Button Down – old, similar
Straw Handbag – Amazon, Similar

Since St. Patrick’s Day is happening during the work week, I thought this look was appropriate for those in the office. I love sundresses and try to wear them in different ways. So I went into my closet again and chose to pair my green floral sundress with a white button down blouse. I am in love with this look!!! Most people are not a fan of wearing of spaghetti strapped dress in the office so I thought it was a great idea to wear this blouse under my dress. It immediately turned this casual sundress into a polished look that’s guaranteed to turn heads in your workplace.

I completed the look with my nude heels and this straw handbag. Let’s take a moment to talk about this bag. As a southern girl, I love straw bags and have quite of a collection. This handbag is everything!! It is very roomy and perfect to bring to wear on a spring or summer day. The bag also went with a colorful and cream colored ribbon to tie. I used the cream ribbon for the look and it added a romantic look. The handbag was a gift from my hubby for Valentine’s Day but I’ll leave a link to it.

Do you normally celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or just love to dress in green? Let me know in the comments.


  • Ashley Brooks Riggs

    I have been on the hunt for new spring clothes this week and you came to my rescue! These days you can never have too much loungewear. I’m loving the tye dye sweatshirt and pistachio loungewear set for all the spring lounging I’ll be doing! Also- never thought to pair a sweatshirt with a slip skirt, but looks fabulous! All such great looks!

    • Yalana Allen

      Thank you!! I’ve noticed more items like hoodies and sweatshirts being paired with skirts. And I’m obsessed with the loungewear.

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