How to Find the Perfect Eyeglasses

I’ve had vision impairment (farsighted) and wore my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade. I then wore contact lenses in high school and college. However, I eventually hated putting anything in my eyes when I graduated. However, I only resorted to wearing my eyeglasses at work or when I was reading. Fast forward to now, I was recently told that I have astigmatism. That means your vision is blurry or distorted from a near and far distance due to an abnormal curve to your lens. Now I have to wear eyeglasses regularly. I can’t find the perfect eyeglasses that are stylish at the eye doctor. Plus, they are very pricey ($100+) after applying health insurance. So I finally used online boutique, Zeelool, to buy a pair. I was hesitant to purchase from them but hey, why not? So I’ll demonstrate how to find the perfect eyeglasses.

How to Find the Perfect Eyeglasses

What is Zeelool?

Zeelool is a well known online boutique that provides eyewear such as sunglasses, readers, and prescription eyeglasses for men and women. Zeelool has become popular over the years, as many people are drawn to their frames of different designs and colors. You can’t beat their affordable prices, with frames costing $50 or less. There are more online eyeglass boutiques, but I believe Zeelool was one of the first and is still the most popular.

How do I order my eyeglasses?

It is very quick and simple!! Instead of purchasing your glasses at the eye doctor’s office, you can ask for a copy of your prescription.

  1. Use the try on feature – I’m sure you do not want to purchase eyeglasses without knowing how they look on your face. Zeelool has a feature that allows you to try on their frames by using a selfie on your phone. Once you select the photo, you can use the try on feature for all of the options for frames or a particular pair. You usually have to know your face shape to determine what types of frames fit. For example, I have an oval shaped face, so rectangular, square, and cat eye frames are suitable for me. I tend to gravitate towards the cat eye style. If you’re not sure what kind of eyeglasses to order based on your facial structure, here is a guide.
  2. Enter your prescription – Once you find the frames of your liking, you must enter the prescription information. You will have to input the “sphere”, “cylinder”, and “axis”. Zeelool also asks for the pupillary distance (PD). This measures the distance between the center of the pupils of your eyes. However, your prescription may not include that. No need to worry!! The site provides a ruler that you can print off to measure the pupillary distance, but I did not care for it. Instead, I was able to use the Glasses On app and they measured my PD perfectly!! The app is available for both the Android and iPhone for free.
  3. Add any extras to your lens – For example, you can add a transitional lens that allows your eyeglasses to turn into sunnies. They also have the blue light protection for those who are regularly in front of a computer screen. Lastly, you can choose to order plastic or glass lenses. Of course, these additions cost a little extra. The extras range between $10 – $40, depending on what you choose. The total amount of your frames still comes out much cheaper than the eye doctor.

My Thoughts

Overall, the process is very easy. And I am very pleased with my frames. I ordered the black and white frames called Cascata and I am obsessed!! I’ve received many compliments on my frames. They fit my face perfectly, and y’all know I can’t resist a good cat eye. I only spent $39, which also includes shipping. Yes, y’all!!! $39!!! If you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, it’s not!! I can see clearly wearing their spectacles while looking stylish. I wish I had something like this a long time ago instead of resorting to coke bottle glasses.

The only con is the waiting process. This depends on how long it normally takes your frames to come in. My glasses arrived in 2 weeks and that’s with express mail. However, my eyes are very special (I’m blind as a bat!), so I normally have to wait 4 weeks. No biggie!! I plan on purchasing from them in the future, especially since I received two coupons. Plus, they always have awesome deals if you sign up for their membership.

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Time to be honest. I used to be very self-conscious about wearing eyeglasses especially in my content. I normally don’t see bloggers wear eyeglasses, even those who wear them in their YouTube videos for tutorials. So I did not wear eyeglasses except when I was in the office or home. NOT ANYMORE!!! This is my blog and my message is to embrace how I look. That shouldn’t stop at my hair and height. Plus, how does that make me look if I am ashamed of wearing glasses?? Plus I’ve been inspired by the very few bloggers who have incorporated their eyewear into their content.

Audiences that look like me would appreciate a representation of them and I would be honored to be that for them. From the many colors, prints, and shapes of frames, the options are endless! So from now on, you will see more content in frames of different colors and styles that compliment my looks. Why? Because women with glasses like Oprah Winfrey, Zoey Deschanel, and Lisa Loeb have shown me that I can look fabulous in spectacles. I want to be that inspiration to the next generation of ladies. Stay tuned!!! After reading my experience, would you be willing to give them a try? Have you ever ordered from Zeelool? Let me know in the comments.


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