How To: Apply Aphogee Protein Treatment

Happy Wednesday!!! I FINALLY have a YouTube video for y’all!!! I know it’s been a while but I promise I will be consistent-ish. Lol!!! People told me they love hearing my voice so I’m giving the people what they want. Plus I love creating videos about natural hair. You can read blog posts about it but I know that some of y’all learn better through demonstration. As mentioned in this blog post, I’m currently doing a no heat for a year challenge that started in April 2020. One of the most important routines for stronger hair is to apply a protein treatment. In the video, I use the Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment.

How to: Apply Aphogee Protein Treatment

Protein treatment is used to gain protein into your hair that causes the elasticity of your hair. Basically the treatment revives your coils. I normally apply it every 4-6 weeks (recommended). You can also use the protein treatment before installing a protective style like braids and twists. It is especially needed for ladies who have high porosity hair like myself. The benefits include decreasing shedding and breakage. You will get a post on high porosity hair soon. Here is the video! I hope this is helpful and let me know in the comments what videos you want to watch from me.


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