Hair Wash Day After Protective Style

I know you’re thinking. What happened to your YouTube video that you promised, sis? See, what had happened was…I originally recorded a video installing a braidless crochet hairstyle. However, I thought the quality was not up to par. I am a perfectionist and do not like to present content that is mediocre or worse. I’d rather not post a video than provide my audience with something that they cannot take away from. I value y’all and want to give you the best whether it’s a sponsored video or filming my shopping trips. But don’t worry!!! I am back with a new video and I am very pleased. I had crochet braids installed about a month ago. So this video is on how I do my hair wash day after protective style. I usually clean my scalp with protective styles, but it does not give my hair the same clean feeling. So I usually have to clarify my hair in order to clean my hair thoroughly.

Just to give you all a feel of what I do. I pre-poo and detangle my hair very thoroughly to make sure my hair does not get matted. After I rinse the pre-poo, I clarify my hair to make sure my scalp and hair is very clean. Most people use a clarifying shampoo but it tends to dry my hair. So I take the natural route and create hair mask using Rhassoul Clay. It’s pretty messy but this is my preference. Then I proceed to deep conditioning my hair using a new product. I also give my thoughts on the deep conditioner. Lastly, I let my hair air dry overnight or for an hour before styling. So I hope y’all learned something from this video. Enjoy!!! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! You will see more goodies about my fashion and family in the future. Be blessed!!!

Hair Wash Day After Protective Style

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