Football Themed Gender Reveal Recap

Hey ladies and 5 of you gentlemen!! Lol!! I’m getting a kick out of this pregnancy. I would be lying if I didn’t take a small advantage of that right now. But I’m back with a new video on my channel. My hubby and I revealed to a close knit of our family, the gender of our baby. As some of you may know, Rob and I are huge football fans. I’m a Saints fan and my husband is a Panthers fan (rolls eyes). So with football season currently happening, it made total sense to host a football themed gender reveal. Due to Covid, we were only able to invite our closest family members. Better safe than sorry, right? My mom was a tremendous help with the decor, which will be shown in the video. Even though a few of our relatives were able to make it, we really enjoyed ourselves. A day of football themed food, watching football game, and playing games made the day just right. My brother also surprised us with a poem for me, Rob, and Baby Mac (inside joke lol). The gender of our baby was also revealed through a football. Here’s a recap of our gender reveal. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.

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