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    Powerful Devotionals for Married Couples

    I am #teammarriage to the fullest! I love “love” and seeing people in love. With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I did not want to only provide gift ideas but also give tips that helps me with my marriage. My marriage is high priority, and I always do whatever I can to improve myself and my marriage. Every day, week, month, and year that we are together, we are also growing individually and as husband and wife. One thing I like to do is read powerful devotionals for married couples. For those who do not know, devotionals are lessons on…

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    Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her and Him

    We are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day. I know you’re thinking, “I spent so much money for my loved one for Christmas!!” Well have no fear! I came bearing an affordable gift guide that won’t break the bank but are still very thoughtful. Hubby and I do not go all out on Valentine’s Day but we still celebrate it because it’s fun to eat heart shaped pancakes and cookies. Plus pink is my favorite color so that always gives me an excuse to wear the Valentine’s themed color. Anywho, I love gifts but I also like to budget…

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    2020: What I’m Taking, Leaving, and The Future of 2021

    The end of the year is almost here, and I’m still trying to figure out where the time went. This is normally the time when people think about their New Year’s resolutions. But they are overrated!! By the end of January, you’re back at square one, and those resolutions go right down the drain. Well, at least that’s my case. Lol!! So, as I approach a new year with a new blog, I’ve decided to do some self-reflection. I will look back at how I spent the year; the good, the bad, and the quarantining. Then, expound on the things from…

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    My Favorite Holiday Playlist

    Christmas season is finally here!!! Who’s excited about this most wonderful time of the year? This girl! One of the things that gets me in the spirit is the music. I’m a HUGE music lover, so I had to share my favorite holiday playlist. Can you believe that I used to LOATHE Christmas music?? It’s true!!! I used to change the radio station if I heard any song about the holidays. Hey! Even the Grinch changed his ways, right? Anywho, I have a couple of songs that will never get old and some newbies that you may want to add to…

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    Holiday Gift Guide: Black Owned Businesses

    Christmas season is here. Man!! Where did the year go?? Anywho, I love Christmas. Celebrating the life of Jesus is the most important reason for this season. In the midst of that, one of my favorite things about the holiday is the gifts. Am I right? Well, I am providing a holiday gift guide of black owned businesses to shop this year. If you’ve read my blog, then you know that I love to put a lot of focus on black owned businesses. If you are a new subscriber, here and here are my blog posts on affordable black owned clothing…

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    15 Thanksgiving Traditions Your Family Should Try This Year

    This year will be different for many people when celebrating the holidays. Some families can not gather due to not travelling or social distancing. But that does not mean it should boring and meaningless. Over the years, my family try to make the most of out holidays especially Thanksgiving. It is actually one of my top favorite holidays to celebrate. It involves the 3 F’s that I value in life: family, food, and football. But this is also a great time to adopt some new Thanksgiving traditions that your family should try this year. With 2020 being such a chaotic year,…

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    Bad Hair Movie Review

    On my channel, I give my thoughts on the movie, Bad Hair, a satire horror movie that was written and directed by Justin Simien, who is also the writer and director of Dear White People. I usually do not have any intentions on doing movie reviews on my channel. However, I had to give a review for this particular movie as it dives into the issue of self-acceptance of natural hair in the workplace. So here’s the Bad Hair Movie Review. Enjoy!!!

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    My Husband and I Want a Baby But I’m Scared

    I chose to write about something that is very personal. But I want to use my blog as a safe haven for me and you all who are reading my posts. Since June, my husband and I have been married for over 3 years. About a month ago, my husband and I finally decided we want to have a baby of our own. We originally agreed to wait a couple of years to enjoy married life. But once year number 3 came, the subject was discussed but I was scared. Then a couple of months later, a baby was on the…

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    Inspiring Quotes of Encouragement

    Times are trying for many people, even for me at times. For instance, whether it’s the pandemic or a demanding job, frustration and stress happens. When I’m in a funk, I need a reminder that even though times are tough, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Above all, I choose to look to the bright side when I have stressful days. For example, reading and reciting inspiring quotes of encouragement daily gets me through those moments. I came up with a list of my favorite scriptures and quotes of encouragement. Thought I could share them with…

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    7 Useful Ways to Deal with Emotional Distress

    2020 has been overwhelming. The coronavirus pandemic is still around and cases are increasing, especially in the South. With that going on, who knew a racial pandemic would also happen in the midst of Covid-19. Seeing my Black brothers and sisters are being killed senselessly is heartbreaking. However, I’m grateful for the many people outside of my race that are speaking up and fighting alongside us for the cause. Even though I try to be hopeful about the progress made so far, it can take an emotional toll. It’s a struggle to not let these troubling events make your spirit heavy…