Birth Story of Baby Arielle

Hey boos!! As some of you know, I was unable to give birth by our baby’s due date. So we had to make an appointment with the hospital to get induced. I was told that the longer I carry past my due date, the higher the risk of having a baby stillborn. She was originally due on February 25th but Arielle wanted to arrive at her own time. So we were scheduled to get induced the following Wednesday. This gave me an opportunity figure out how I wanted to share the birth story of Baby Arielle. So I decided to document the birth story of Baby Arielle by video and post on YouTube. However, unplanned events took place so I was unable to record the birth. Instead, I wrote a blog post. I’m sure you’re curious about what happened so I will get started.

Birth Story of Baby Arielle

Getting Induced

We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 8:00 pm on March 2nd to be induced. Once I was checked in, the nursing staff inserted a pill in my cervix called Cytotec. It softens the cervix allowing dilation and labor to happen easily. This is produced contractions. This was completely different from the Braxton Hicks contractions I previously experienced. It was very consistent and super painful. It literally felt like they were coming every 2-3 minutes or even less. I was able to deal with them for a significant amount of time through breathing exercises. However, my tolerance for pain is not the best and I eventually asked to get an epidural. According to my nurse, I was dilated to about 7 cm so it was perfectly fine to receive it.

I Became Sick

This is the part that no one told me about and it caught me and my husband for a loop. Before I received the epidural, I began to experience nausea. I felt sick to my stomach and automatically knew that I was going to vomit. By the time I attempted to alert my husband, I vomited all over the floor in my room. I felt absolutely horrible and began to panic. I was thinking to myself, “why didn’t anyone tell me about this?” and “I don’t remember reading on this!” According to my nurse, this was completely normal. I was told your gastrointestinal tract slows down because all of your body’s energy is directed to the uterus, which may cause nausea and vomiting. I was eventually given an epidural so my contraction pain calmed down. You would think it would get easier, right?

My Water Finally Broke

I received the epidural and my husband was surprised with how well I tolerated it. If he was experiencing these contractions, the epidural would not be a problem. Lol! The vomiting and pain from contractions eventually stopped but my body started shaking uncontrollably. This was also something I had no knowledge of however it’s completely normal. Once the nurses placed a warm blanket on me, the shaking stopped. I began to feel more pressure and had the urge to poop (TMI I know!), which are signs that I would be giving birth soon. Once my nurse measured my cervix, my water broke. It felt like a huge, warm water balloon burst from the inside of me. I was thinking yes, it is finally time to see my baby girl!! Until we ran into some issues…

Baby’s Heart Rate Went Down

My water broke but Arielle still was not ready to be delivered. Then all of a sudden the machine that was measuring Arielle’s heart rate sounded differently than normal. My nurse informed me that Arielle’s heart rate went down drastically. Several nurses and my doctor and mid-wife came into my room to try to get Arielle’s heart rate back to normal. This included me putting on an oxygen mask. Her heart rate eventually went back up but it was inconsistent and she still was not ready to be delivered. Her body had not dropped low enough for me give birth. So my doctor made the choice for me to undergo an emergency C-section.

My Emergency C-Section

I never considered that I may have to undergo a C section when I created my birthing plan. I’ve never had any previous surgery so this was would be my first. But this was the only way Arielle could be born so there was not much of a choice. I tried to remain as calm as possible as I was taken into the room for surgery. I had to think of worse case scenario. For example, what if there were complications and my husband and I had to choose which life to save. We already made the decision to save Arielle if that was the case.

I figured that if it was my time to go then I would totally be accepting of that. At one point in my life, I feared death. That was until a sermon my pastor gave that made me realize that I had nothing to be scared of. Instead, I should be looking forward to it as I would began an even better life, eternity with God.

Back to my C section, I was praying to God so many times for Arielle to be saved and be healthy. The doctor and mid-wife numbed the lower part of my body so I was still awake while they performed the procedure. I was told by the one of the staff everything that was going on as she was to my left. And my husband was to my right, holding my hand. I felt hard pressure at my abdomen area and heard Arielle’s cry. On March 3rd at 8:33 am, Arielle was born and I was crying with tears of joy. She is finally here!!! Thank you God she is here!!! My cry became bigger as I turned to my left side to find Arielle in my husband’s arms. Then she was placed next to my face and I couldn’t stop kissing her. She is beautiful!!

Why I Needed a C-Section?

I know you’re wondering if there were any factors that ultimately led to getting a C-Section. The doctors found Arielle tangled in her umbilical cord. Throughout my pregnancy, Arielle was very active. She was moving more consistently during labor so I can understand getting tangle. My fear of this happening was mentioned on this blog post. My mother lost a baby due to stillbirth when she choked on her umbilical cord. Apparently, Arielle’s entanglement was the reason she could not drop. But it did not stop her from entering into this world. Arielle was the perfect name for her as it means “lion of God.” She is a fighter, has strength, and does not give up.

As you can see from the details and pictures that Arielle’s birth was not as smooth as planned. But she was so worth it! I thank God that she is here and look forward to raising her.


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