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At Home Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s usually a time when my husband and I love to try something new and fun. But since I am in my ninth month of pregnancy, we’re not going out. We decided to celebrate at the comfort of our home this time around. However, we still wanted to do something special especially with the baby coming. We wanted to spend quality time with each other before Baby Arielle arrives. So I’ve came up with a list of at home date night ideas for couples who are expecting or don’t want to endure the cold weather. The way that Covid-19 is taking over, date night at home does not sound like a bad idea. Along with the list of at home date night ideas, I also provided items that will make your date night in perfect.

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At Home Date Night Ideas

1. Host Game Night

I love playing games!!! You can either play games amongst yourselves or host another couple for game night. Just order a couple of pizzas, buy some wine, and enjoy a night full of friendly competition, laughter, and fun. This game would be perfect to get the night started and it’s an awesome conversation starter.

2. Have a Couples Spa Day

There’s nothing more comfortable and sexy than having a spa day with your spouse. Wearing facial masks is not the sexy part. Lol! But taking turns rubbing each other down with oils is what I had in mind. Plus it’s always a great way to relax and spend time each other. You may want to schedule the massages as the last part of the day. You never know where that may lead to, if you know what I mean. 😉

3. Have a Picnic Indoors

You know I love a picnic but it is too cold to be outdoors. So bring the picnic to you!! You could always go with the traditional picnic meal or order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Not sure what to order? This takeout dice is a fun way to choose the type of food to order. You could use them for the future especially since us women tend to be indecisive with our food choice. Well, at least that’s me.

4. Go Camping Indoors

To be honest, this will probably be the only way I actually go camping. Sleeping outdoors is not ideal for me. But I can at least enjoy camping indoors. To make it more fun, you can install a tent or go old school and put up a fort to relive your childhood days. This is something that I would love to do since my husband never put up a fort as a kid. I know exactly what you’re thinking!! How did he not have a fort as a kid?? Nothing says camping like smores and this at home kit is perfect if you own a fireplace.

5. Have a Staycation

A staycation will never go out of style. It’s a great way to getaway without traveling a long distance. But you do not have to limit yourselves to a hotel. Air bnb’s are a great option if you want the entire home to yourselves and they tend to be cleaner. Not to mention, they are also very affordable. A cabin is also another great place to have a staycation especially since it’s still cold outside. You can’t have a staycation without a weekender duffle bag.

6. Karaoke

Fun fact: My husband and I use to sing together at a church choir and praise team. He has no problem singing in public compared to me who doesn’t like to be put on the spot. But this would be a great idea even if you’re not a talented singer. My husband would have a great time with this. He’s always looking for an opportunity to sing in harmony with me. I just might grant him that wish this year.

7. Play Bowling Indoors

It’s been so long since I’ve been bowling but it used to be regular activity for me and my family. We even had bowling shoes. But with Covid running rampant, why not bring the bowling alley at home. All you need is an indoor bowling set and a hallway. This set is perfect and also affordable to use for Valentine’s Day or a fun time with kids.

8. Breakfast in Bed

I LOVE BREAKFAST!!! It’s the best way to start the day and every breakfast food is delicious. So I thought it would be a great idea to have breakfast in bed. In that way, you and your hunny can relax with your favorite breakfast dish and binge watch a show on Netflix. You can also have a plate of heart shaped waffles for the special occasion using this waffle maker.

9. Watch Football

Did you know that the Superbowl will be on during Valentine’s Day weekend? I had no idea but this would be perfect for the football loving couples especially if your team is playing. Unfortunately, my favorite team is playing but have fun preparing football themed food (wings!!), cheering for the opposite teams, and enjoying the halftime show. With performers like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Mary J. Blige, it’ll be fun to live in nostalgia of the music you grew up listening to, if you’re a millennial.

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What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments.

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