Yalana Allen

Welcome to my lifestyle blog!! My name is Yalana (Ya-lay-na) Allen. Growing up as a child, I always had a love for fashion. But being 5’1″ makes it difficult to find clothes that are not too long for my frame. In recent years, I’ve gained weight (married weight lol) which led to changes to my 5’1″ bodyframe. My once tiny frame became curvy!! It was quite an adjustment as I struggled with confidence in my body.

I went natural in 2013 due to damage to my relaxed hair. However, I was influenced by society’s opinion that natural hair was not elegant and sophisticated. In 2017, I experienced severe heat damage and had bald spots from constant manipulation and heat applied to my type 4 hair. At that very moment, I decided to not believe in the masses and prove that natural hair is beautiful. So I cut my hair into a short cut and started over with my natural hair journey.

That’s why Hometown Girl n’ Curls was born. I am no longer ashamed of the hair God gave me and my newfound curves. This blog serves as an outlet to always be unapologetic about who you are through affordable fashion and natural hair care. I will provide tips and inspiration on how to maintain healthy hair but also rock your fro with confidence for any occasion. It is also my desire to also promote self-expression through fashion especially for my curvy petite ladies. This will be done through guides and tips on how to dress for your height and body. But also to let the world know that fashion rules are meant to be broken by showing that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to look fabulous through my thrifting and shopping tips on a budget.

This blog also allows me to be open, honest, yet vulnerable because God gave me a story to share with others. At the age of 8, I experienced some very traumatic events in my life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. From witnessing my mother being abused by my father to having to testify against him in court to ensure the safety of my family, these were a glimpse of what my brother and I experienced. After serving 8 years in prison, my father was able to restore his relationship with my mother, my brother, and me but it wasn’t easy. This has been a blessing as we continue our strong family bond.

I’m also blessed that my brother and I did not follow the footsteps of my father because of the solid foundation that my mother and her family provided for us. Unfortunately, there are some who do not have the same support system. I’m also a firm believer that a once broken relationship with an absentee parent can be restored, no matter what age.

With my experiences and relationship with God, my blog will focus on the importance of family dynamics especially after traumatic and unfortunate events. I will provide resources, knowledge, and biblical applications to maintain a healthy family relationship from your immediate family to your marriage. I pray that through my story, it will show how the power of God can bring reconciliation, restoration, forgiveness, and healing in family relationships that can allow you to flourish from the inside out. My goal is to thrive within ourselves as this blog will serve as an outlet to our journey with God and navigating life in the world as a Christian, married millenial. So please join me!