A Letter to My Baby Girl

Dear Arielle,

We have a few more days left until we finally meet and I’m so anxious. When I found out we were having a little girl, so many things came to mind. Who will you look like? What kind of personality will you have? I find myself guessing your personality while you are inside of me. We think you’re going to be stubborn like your mama because you want to arrive at your own time hence you being late. Lol!! I also think that you are going to be very active because I can feel you doing somersaults, flips, and kicks.

Either way, mommy and daddy are so excited to finally meet our beautiful princess. I also find myself becoming nervous to be your mother. As someone who is not naturally maternal, I hope that I can live up to the expectations of being your mom. If someone told me 10 years ago that I would be having a child, I wouldn’t believe them. Thank God for change!! Because this is the most exciting moment in my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Just to give you a heads up on your parents, I am not the most generous person when it comes to food. But that may change when I see your mouth open as I eat a pint of my keto ice cream. How can I say no to you, right?? I’m not a very patient person and am a perfectionist. This journey will allow me to give myself grace because I will mess up trying to be the perfect mother to you. Every opportunity will be used to cuddle with you, say I love you, and kiss your chubby cheeks. I’ve already came up with mommy and me outfits, natural hairstyles, and activities for us to bond. I hope that we can have a close relationship like my mom and me. But I will remember that you will have your own interests and promise to support you.

As for your daddy, you will be blessed with a wonderful father who is loving, patient, and dedicated to his family. You have him to give credit for how affectionate I am and for coming up with your name. The moment he found out you were a girl, he would kiss my belly and call you his little princess. He may be a bit overprotective especially with the boys but what father isn’t! He doesn’t have much experience with children. However, he will do anything to give you the world while also providing instruction and guidance to prepare you for the world. Your relationship with him will especially be special as there is no relationship like a father and daughter. You will seek his guidance from how to behave to who you choose to marry.

Your father and I had our fair share of ups and downs during our childhood. That ultimately forced us to grow up sooner than later. But you will come into a home that is filled with love, respect, and honors God. We cannot wait to expose you to things and activities that we had no knowledge of, which will create so many memories. From taking you to pumpkin patches, festivals, and vacations, there won’t be a dull moment. Your parents also love music so I can picture your dad playing his keyboard with you on his lap. Meanwhile, I will put you on to different genres and what I grew up listening. I have a record player so get ready to hear a lot of old school music like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Isley Brothers, and Anita Baker.

We also promise to show an example of a healthy, Godly marriage. This is especially important to us as we did not see many examples of that during our childhood. We know that a marriage that is centered around Christ will benefit you. You coming into our lives will be a huge adjustment that may bring challenges into our marriage. But we will keep in mind to put you in consideration regarding how we operate in our marriage. Ultimately, our actions and decision making can either hurt or help you.

You’re also the first grandchild for our parents. We have a feeling they will spoil you. We also want you to learn the importance of giving back, being compassionate, and bringing joy to others. It’s not a coincidence that your name means “Lion of God.” I have faith that you will live up to that name. When it comes to your identity, you will know who you are in Jesus Christ. You will be brave, fierce, and courageous like a lion. You will not be afraid to share God’s Word. I prayed that you will have a desire to learn about God and have a relationship with him. You will learn to love the hair that God placed on your head, which was a struggle for me.

I’m going to close here because I could go on and on. Just know that mommy and daddy love you very much and you are what we’ve been praying for. Can’t wait to see you!!


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