A Letter to Baby Naya

On February 27th, Naya Leilani Allen was welcomed into this world. So I wrote a letter to baby Naya just I like I did for Arielle. Read my letter to Arielle here. Who knew in the course of less than 2 years that I would be a mother to 2 beautiful girls!! This is coming from someone who originally did not desire children. But as I look at both of my girls while typing this blog post, being a mother is one of the best experiences I’ve had so far and this is just the beginning. Just like Arielle, I will print out this letter to place in her memory book for Naya to read in the future. I can’t wait to see her face as she reads my personal thoughts about her arrival. Without further ado, here is my personal letter to baby Naya.

A Letter to Baby Naya

Dear Naya,

Here I am writing you a letter to you a year after I wrote one for your sister, Arielle. You came as a surprise for me and your father yet you are a beautiful one. You’re coming to into this world with people are excited to finally meet you. From family, friends, and loved ones, who will shower you with so much love. You will also come into a family with more experienced parents so your journey was more relaxed compared to your sister.

Speaking of sister, Arielle will be almost 1 year old when you arrive. She may not be familiar with you at first but I have a feeling that you both will be very close. You both are practically twins being that both of you will only be 11 months apart. I pray that we will teach you both the importance of having each other’s back because there is no relationship like the one you have with your sibling. I think that my life was the most fun because I shared it with my younger brother. You both will be sharing spaces, inside jokes, and experiences. You will probably be each other’s first best friend. I know you may look up to Arielle and some may say that she will put you up to some mischievous acts. But overall, I can’t wait to see how you interact with her.

Your dad is a wonderful man that is hardworking, patient, and tons of fun. I can picture you and Arielle using his body as your personal playground and Ari can attest to that. Now that he will be a father of 2 girls, he will be very protective over you and Arielle. But please understand that it is all for the best interest of you. It is his duty to protect his family and he takes that role seriously. He is doing so much to make sure that he is more active in your life in the future while providing a better life than what he had. Let’s try to take it easy on him because I’m sure it will not be easy being the only man in a household filled with girls. But he is up for the challenge.

As for your mommy, I will do my best to be a great example for you and Arielle. A wise person said that children are great imitators so be something great to imitate. I want to be an example of what it means to be a woman who loves God and truly follows Jesus. Be an example of what it means to love yourself but being open to better yourself. To show you both how to love and respect your husbands as you both eventually become wives and mothers. You both are my greatest accomplishments as I will watch you both grow and develop into God fearing young ladies that respect yourselves, love others, and have a desire to serve each other and others.

As your parents, we will not have all of the answers. We will also have to adjust from 1 child to 2 so that means challenges will come our way as we try to split our time between you and Ari. But please know that we love you very much. I hope you are patient with us as we will be with you during this transition. It may not come easy for us but we know that this is a temporary process. With the guidance of God, and support from family and friends, we will thrive as loving and compassionate parents who wants the best for you. Mommy and daddy love you and can’t wait to meet you Naya Leilani Allen.


Your mommy

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