7 Useful Ways to Deal with Emotional Distress

2020 has been overwhelming. The coronavirus pandemic is still around and cases are increasing, especially in the South. With that going on, who knew a racial pandemic would also happen in the midst of Covid-19. Seeing my Black brothers and sisters are being killed senselessly is heartbreaking. However, I’m grateful for the many people outside of my race that are speaking up and fighting alongside us for the cause. Even though I try to be hopeful about the progress made so far, it can take an emotional toll. It’s a struggle to not let these troubling events make your spirit heavy then have to go to work with a smile like nothing is happening.

I also lost my uncle due to Covid-19 so that brought on more disappointment, anger, frustration, and questions as to why this is happening. But I had to do something about this because it was distracting me from the bigger picture and that’s focusing on God. So I came up with seven ways to deal with emotional distress that has helped me tremendously. I hope it blesses you!!

If you look at the world, you’ll be depressed. If you look within yourself, you’ll be distressed. But if you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest.

– Corrie Ten Boom

  1. Read the Bible/Prayer – I got caught up on the recent events that I found myself not being in my Word and praying like I’m supposed to. Then a sermon my pastor taught convicted me. He also said a quote that resonated with me. “If you look to the world, you’ll be depressed. If you look within yourself, you’ll be distressed. But if you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest.” (Corrie Ten Boom) Wow!! She’s absolutely right!! With everything going on, this is the time when we should look to God more than ever. This quote is a great reminder when you feel yourself going into that negative space.
  2. Watch Uplifting Movies/TV Shows – My mother recently introduced me to PureFlix. It’s like NetFlix but they only play Christian based and positive movies and TV shows. I’ve been hooked because the material has been a mood booster. Plus I love the constant reminders of how powerful God works. If you don’t have PureFlix (I highly recommend!), Amazon Prime and NetFlix also have inspirational movies. A favorite movie on Amazon Prime is called John Light. It’s about a ex-convict that’s trying to live his life for God and the struggles that he has to face. He ends up forming a close relationship with his mentor from a prison ministry. Since we still safe (not stuck) in our homes, I suggest watching some positive content.
  3. Take a Break from Social Media and the News – I know you’re thinking a blogger that spends her time on social media is suggesting we take a break?? Lol!! Yes, I spend my time on social media but it’s consumed my time way more than I would like. And what do I find on social media…people who post ignorant comments and statuses on their platform. I used to become irritated and complain about why people still don’t understand “Black Lives Matter” or continue to share videos of Candace Owens and The Hodge Twins. I’ve had to take a break from social media to keep a peace of mind. Also, I’m a firm believer that the news mostly report negative news to instill fear in us. The constant reports of coronavirus can be too much, so I have to turn off the TV altogether.
  4. Take a Long Bath – I’ve been in my house for almost a year and never used our bathtub. When I finally took a bath, it was so relaxing. During this time, self-care has become a priority. Plus nothing says soothing than a nice bubble bath. It forces you to stop, clear your mind, and just breathe. I wish I was in a bubble bath right now just thinking about it. Lol! Take a bubble bath a couple of times a month but don’t fall asleep like I did! Lol!
  5. Spend a Day Doing Nothing and Not Feel Guilty – Life gets so busy that your day is over in a blink of an eye. We’re working 8-10 hours at work then return home to prepare dinner, help children with homework (I don’t have kids yet), and we start over the next day. Then the weekend comes. But we have to go grocery shopping, clean the house, do laundry, make plans outside the house, and cook Sunday dinner. Where does the time go? I often find myself more tired and stressed trying to fit in so many tasks in one day. Then my pastor taught on the Sabbath and if we really have a day reserved for rest. Once again, the conviction set in. I had to learn that it’s okay to be selfish. So pick a day to do nothing and don’t feel bad you didn’t touch the load of laundry. I’m telling myself this too. Lol!
  6. Do Something Positive for a Somebody – With Covid-19, people are losing family members or are experiencing hardships. I always have to remember that I may have my problems but there’s always someone who’s experiencing worse. And I have to remember that I’m blessed to still be able to work and have good health. So why not bless someone else? Plus doing something positive brings joy in my heart. For example, my small group surprised our small group leaders with a baby shower parade. So pay for someone’s food, lend a helping hand, or check on a relative and friend to remind them you love them and praying for him or her. A smile on their face is rewarding.
  7. Listen to Music and Have a Dance Party – I love music! So when I’m experiencing anything bad or good, I always turn to music. Dancing is always a fun activity that instantly puts a smile on anyone’s face. Tik Tok is very popular and I understand why. Their videos are so addicting and are hilarious. But my favorite videos have to be the dances. I love to make my husband laugh while attempting them. And if you have children, it’s always fun to embarrass them while recording your snazzy dance moves. So go for it. Lol!!

Well, I hope this helped you like it’s helped me. But I love feedback so let me know in the comments how you deal with emotional distress. I’m always looking for new ideas. Thanks for stopping by and God bless!


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