3 Ways to Style a Tennis Dress

I love athleisure wear! It’s actually trending. Now hear me out…I’m normally not a follow trends kind of gal but this is an exception. Between working from home and caring for the girls, athleisure has been my clothing of choice. Plus when my husband and I were dating as well as early into our marriage, we played tennis. As a matter of fact, he taught me. Now that hubby and I are trying to get back in shape, I would love to get back on the tennis court. So why not try some cute outfits while I play?? Tennis skirts are very popular however, I’m more drawn to the tennis dress. I found them to be easier to wear on and off the court. Whether I want to run errands or have a casual lunch with a friend, the tennis dress will be my go to clothing of choice. But you could always wear the tennis dress while working out which is a different look from the popular 2 piece sets. I found this dress from Amazon and it fits me like a glove while being flattering as it disguises my postpartum belly. So I decided to provide 3 ways to style a tennis dress.

3 Ways to Style a Tennis Dress

1. Sweatshirt and Running Shoes

This is such a classic look as you can easily see this look at the country club on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love a good preppy look and this is perfect if that is your style. But I tied it partially over my shoulders to give the outfit a modern and stylish look. I wore running shoes with the look because we are actually playing tennis, right? So I had to show how this outfit would potentially look after finishing a game. You could also had a baseball cap for sunny days. But I have yet to find a cap to fit all of this hair. Lol!

2. Denim Jacket and Converses

If you’re looking for something more casual, then a denim jacket is your best choice. This look is perfect for when you want to run errands like the sweatshirt outfit. But I know the sweatshirt is not everyone’s cup of tea so the denim jacket is a great alternative. I personally love the oversized denim jacket. This came from…you guess…Amazon!!! It is under $30 and perfect for cooler mornings. Pair this with a pair of converses and you have yourself a cool, effortless look.

3. Cardigan and Loafers

This look is my personal favorite. I saw that styling a tennis dress with cardigan and loafers made the look very chic. I paired it with my tortoise shell eyeglasses from Zeelool (see my blog post on Zeelool here) to give this outfit its full effect. You could go from the tennis court to lunch with your girlfriend. Or just skip the tennis court and it’s still a look worth trying when you don’t want to try too hard. For my young ladies, this look perfect to wear to class.

So do you see yourself wearing this trend? Let me know in the comments.

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