2020: What I’m Taking, Leaving, and The Future of 2021

2020: Year in Review

The end of the year is almost here, and I’m still trying to figure out where the time went. This is normally the time when people think about their New Year’s resolutions. But they are overrated!! By the end of January, you’re back at square one, and those resolutions go right down the drain. Well, at least that’s my case. Lol!! So, as I approach a new year with a new blog, I’ve decided to do some self-reflection. I will look back at how I spent the year; the good, the bad, and the quarantining. Then, expound on the things from 2020 that I am taking with me and those I’m leaving behind. Lastly, how I plan to approach the year 2021 will also be emphasized. This will allow me to learn from my mistakes and mishaps but also highlight the good moments. As a woman of God, I’m proud of where God has taken me thus far, but I know this is just the beginning. Plus, we always want to improve ourselves, right? Here it is, “2020: What I’m Taking, Leaving, and The Future of 2021.”

What I’m Taking from 2020

The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care has been a focus this year with phrases like “Self-Care Sunday” making waves. I’m on the bandwagon and plan on bringing it into 2021. 2020 has been very stressful and life changing for many. I don’t have to remind you what happened, because you were there too. Lol! The extra weight and burdens took a toll on us all, and we couldn’t go on vacations like we wanted to. I’m still a little bummed that hubby and I couldn’t go to Mexico, but I digress. With everything going on, it was no wonder the importance of self-care became popular. People began to value their well being, and I for one needed it. I reserve one day out of the week when I do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! I may be lucky if I take a shower, and I don’t feel bad about it. So don’t judge me! Lol!

Valuing Family Time

Being in quarantine made me value time with my family. This is the first year that I was not able to travel to visit my family back in Louisiana. And it was difficult!! It made me realize that I sometimes take quality time with my family for granted. Especially recently when my father in-law was taken to the hospital and stopped breathing. My husband and I spent Christmas weekend with him and we had a blast. It was times like this that we should cherish. So from now on, I’m taking valuing family time with me into 2021. This would include calling my grandparents more often or not flaking out on going to my nephew or niece’s birthday parties. Every moment counts.

Newfound Creativity

It’s funny that when I started this blog, I never considered myself to be creative. When I was younger, I used my creative muscles through poetry but passed that torch to my brother. Starting my blog sparked the ingenuity that I once had. I was only using my artistry through my love for fashion. It was so much fun creating looks that were my own but also inspired others. It became a sport to discover the ways I could wear a piece to show its versatility or arrange pieces of clothing that normally wouldn’t go together. I plan to bring more of those creative juices to the table in 2021 through my natural hair and content on faith. So be on the lookout!

What I’m Leaving from 2020

Comparing Myself to Other Bloggers

Playing the comparison game is definitely a challenge. I’m already in a saturated industry where there is competition. Sometimes, I find myself comparing my content as a lifestyle blogger to other bloggers. Seeing bloggers become successful and be able to work full-time made me just a little envious. Even with that, I am still happy for them to be able to achieve their dreams. I had to realize that every blogger is on his or her own journey, just like me. I am doing pretty good, having been active in this arena for less than a year. So, there is no reason to compare my success to someone who has been blogging way longer than I have. Plus, comparing myself to others hinders the path God is taking me on, and I have to be obedient. So I’m going to live by the quote below.

I don’t want to be impressive, I want to be impactful.

– Unknown

Selling Myself Short

This is one thing that I recently realized about myself. I was on a thread with fellow like-minded bloggers when a question was asked, “When should you pitch to brands for paid partnerships and sponsors?”. The answer was: when you reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. I thought to myself, “I have over 2,300 followers. What am I waiting for??” I was psyching myself out to believe that I did not have enough of a following to start working with brands. Boy, was I wrong! So in 2021, I’m shooting my shot! What’s the worst that can happen? They say no?

Worrying What Others Think About Me

This is always a process for me, but I’m getting better. Now, let’s be real. We may not constantly seek out the approval of others, but it’s nice to hear someone say “You’re awesome!”, “You look nice!” or “Great job!”. I am aware that the more established I become in blogging, the more insults or negative comments will come my way. The things that I wear, say, or do will not appeal to everyone and I’m okay with that. So, I cannot put my energy into pleasing everybody. I was called to serve God as well as my readers and subscribers through my personal experiences, knowledge, and passion. Am I open to constructive criticism? Always! However, I am willing to hear from and seek out the advice of people who have my best interest at heart.

The Future of 2021

My Road to Entrepreneurship

2021 will be the year that I will take blogging more seriously, and treat it as a business. Working at my full-time job has given me a desire to work for myself. I’m working 10 hour days to fulfill the goals and needs of someone else but what about my own aspirations? What about the purpose God has for me? Therefore, I’m teaming up with more established faith-based bloggers, as well as entrepreneurs, to make that happen. I’ve also been given some opportunities to monetize my blog, and I cannot wait. My goal is to blog full-time, but I have to put in the time, effort, and work to reach that goal. As long as I continue to keep God in the center and it’s His will, I know it can happen.

My Growth as a Woman of God

I have grown so much as a Christian this year. A lot of credit goes to my church, small group, husband, mother, and most of all, God. As a Christian blogger, it can be difficult to stay focused on God when you see secular bloggers become more successful. Then, I began to wonder if that would ever happen for me. A friend reminded me to always remember the “Why” I chose to blog in the first place. It wasn’t to just make money but to genuinely help people who struggle with confidence like I did with my hair, height, and body. Also, it is my desire to help families see the importance of keeping God centered in their lives, in order to build healthy relationships, especially after trauma. Those reasons are worth far more than the superficial things that surround me. Plus, success is not always measured by numbers. With that being said, I am going to continue to keep my eyes on God and lead more people to His Kingdom.

Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you.

– 1 John 2:15

So, for 2021, are you setting any New Year’s resolutions? What are you looking forward to in 2021?


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