1st Trimester Must Haves

I’m really late with these posts. So I’m trying to knock out these blog posts before baby Arielle arrives next month. My 1st trimester was not easy especially compared to my 2nd trimester. When you’re experience your first pregnancy, you are not sure what to expect. Everyone’s pregnancy and body is different. I was constantly tired and sleepy. My energy was at an all time low in addition to my appetite being nonexistent. I also had to adjust to the different changes in my body like my belly growing (it was actually bloating) and tender breasts. I was so thankful for the support of my husband, family, and friends. That along with the items that I purchased that really assisted with the 1st trimester of my pregnancy. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite items that are 1st trimester must haves for new moms.

1st Trimester Must Haves

Aveeno Lotion; Granola Bars; Morning Sickness Sweets; Pregnancy Band; Leggings; Water Bottle; Praying through your Pregnancy; Expectant book; Pregnancy Journal

1. Morning Sickness Sweets

I was very fortunate to not experience morning sickness. However, my stomach would become uneasy at times. I especially would become queasy when I ate spicy foods, fried foods, and smelled raw chicken. Ginger was such a lifesaver!! It soothed my stomach and the uneasiness was completely gone. I especially consumed ginger in the form of candy like this item. This particular brand is also owned by a Christian based female owned company and they are available in Target. Not to mention that it tasted pretty good too. Ginger tea and ale were also very helpful.

2. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

During my 1st trimester, I also experienced dry, itchy skin. I found myself scratching my growing baby bump ALL THE TIME. So I had to change my routine and toiletries when it came to showering and applying lotion. I love African Black Soap but it is already drying and made my skin worse. I began using a moisturizing body cleanser and lotion for my dry skin. I’ve noticed that Aveeno worked wonders for my skin. Nivea is also another great brand to treat dry skin.

3. Praying Through Your Pregnancy

I also experienced anxiety while being pregnant. Between being unsure of whether I would be a good mother to monitoring the health of my baby, it was pretty tough. I wish I’d purchased it sooner because I absolutely love this book!! It follows the author’s journey to motherhood while providing tips, scriptures, and prayer for the baby for each week. I’ve also used the content from the book to uplift other future mothers on my Instagram and Facebook (using my own spin to it, of course). It has truly served as a way to calm my anxiety and give me encouragement of becoming a first time mom.

4. Water Bottle

During pregnancy, it’s important to remain hydrated at all times. There is a growing human being in our body after all. However, there were so many empty plastic bottles in my car and at home. So I purchased this water bottle from Amazon instead of carrying throw away bottles. It helps me to keep pace of my water intake. I’ve also been able to stay hydrated during the warmer times of my first trimester.

5. Pregnancy Band

As I went further into my 1st trimester, I experienced some bloating. This caused my pants and jeans to not fit. The pregnancy band was a game changer! I was able to wear my regular pants and jeans throughout my 1st trimester. If you do not feel like purchasing one, my co-worker showed me an awesome hack using a rubber band. This was also very helpful when I would lose track of my pregnancy band.

I hope this post was helpful to any expecting mothers. I pray you all have a smooth transition on your journey to a new baby. Be blessed.

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